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Performance scan MSSQL

Slow database? Our scan provides insight

Performance issues are common in databases. Often an application initially functions well but becomes slower at some point, but there is something to be done about it. Microsoft SQL Server has many possibilities to make processing faster. Are you making optimal use of these possibilities? Is the database not as fast as desired? Have you reached an impasse with your software supplier? Are queries not running fast enough? In all these cases,’s Performance Scan provides insight and solutions.


Problems with SQL Server regularly arise in different areas. This will result in dissatisfied users. These problems can be easily solved by an expert. A number of matters are briefly explained below.

Where is the bottleneck?

During the performance scan we perform a performance baseline. More than 30 different objects are measured and summarized in a report. An explanation of the score is given for each measuring point. In addition, we write a clear conclusion where the bottleneck is, why, and how it can be solved. This report is also excellent to use as benchmarking to provide insight into, for example, if the database has grown further or if more users are connected to the environment.


First of all, for example, problems are in the settings so it is important that these are checked. SQL Server settings are not or are sometimes even poorly configured. The default settings are often used. The default settings potentially cause a large loss in performance. This results in annoyance among users due to blockages and long waiting times. That is why it is good for an expert from to assess the performance of the database environment.

Queries and Indexes

Second, a problem that regularly prevents applications and/or systems from querying the data in such a way that fast processing is impossible. The result of this is often annoyance among users. It also happens that various queries cause blockages on records/pages/tables, which causes waiting times for other queries or there are (many) bad query plans in use. That’s why an expert review of the query plans is a regular part of the scan.

Third, indexes are often not query-oriented and/or not even used at all. However, the correct use of an index contributes greatly to improved SQL Server performance. And this leads to satisfied users and also to faster access to the data.

New hardware is often not necessary to realize huge performance improvements!

– Leslie Cornet


Fourthly, there are often no database maintenance scripts present, which degrades the performance of the SQL Server. There are different types of maintenance scripts. Because the expert from advises you on the best solution for your environment, you will immediately see an improvement in performance so that the satisfaction of the users increases.

The solution

So let a consultant from do a performance scan of your environment. During the scan, the consultant looks at the above points. After the scan, you will receive a report with recommendations. We carry out quick wins immediately in consultation with you. We will optionally plan other adjustments with you. When the recommendations are implemented, this will lead to a faster and more reliable SQL Server environment.

The result? Objective clarity about how the performance of your environment can be improved and in most cases already an improved performance on this day!


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