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System Administrator

As a system administrator you work in an informal, inspiring working environment with enthusiastic database specialists. View this vacancy. has a strong position in the database management market, we implement, migrate and manage thousands of environments for hundreds of customers from all kinds of industries. It now comes down to perfect execution and continuous adjustment. So that we continue to distinguish ourselves in terms of service and quality. We are looking for a system administrator who, together with the team, ensures stable, fast, available and secure database systems for our customers. So that our customers can use their data and applications carefree and undisturbed.

Who are you?
Have you been a system administrator for some time and are you looking for more depth? Do you notice that you are very much drawn in breadth but rarely get the chance to go in depth and specialize? Then we would like to invite you to the special world of an MSSQL DBA.

Don’t worry, you’re still working with Microsoft products, so don’t stray too far from the familiar. Your technical skills and knowledge as a system administrator are well applicable here and you do have all the advantages of a specialist job. You can go in-depth and regardless of cloud or other developments, the expertise of a DBA remains very necessary. Wherever the database runs, things such as performance and the expertise to improve it will indisputably be needed.

With your inquisitive, social and energetic attitude you will quickly reach our level and you will soon be able to do general management for our various customers (mainly remote). You do this using our in-house developed tooling for periodic maintenance and monitoring.
You are certainly not alone! You make a soft landing in the team with the MSSQL experts in the Netherlands. They are happy to help you with your development, of course we also want to have fun with each other, so a chat is always welcome. Within the team you will learn a solid foundation of managing databases and everything that comes with it. But what is that?

Here you should think of:

  • Backup and restore databases
  • Best practices provisioning MSSQL instances and databases
  • Installing and configuring T-SQL jobs for database maintenance
  • Analyzing queries and workloads through activity monitor
  • Securing environments and databases
  • Configure and use high availability solutions
  • Supporting customer requests
  • Resolving notifications from our monitoring

We are a Microsoft Gold partner and this includes the necessary certificates. You can contribute to this by broadening your knowledge through courses and exams that provides for you.

But what does the long-term perspective look like for you at After the soft landing in the team and obtaining a solid foundation as a DBA’er, you can focus on the various specialisms within MSSQL.

  • Will you become that performance tuning specialist who helps customers with their non-performing databases and applications? Are you analytical, decisive and driven to find out where the deadlocks, locking/blocking, resource shortages are present and to solve them? Then this is a very interesting specialism that you can develop with us. We can tell you, there is a great need for it among our customers and in the market.
  • Do you have your head in the Cloud? Then you are not alone. Many customers move to a cloud Be it Azure, AWS or other platforms. Do you want to become their guide in this and show them the way with this new step? Then we share your passion and there is enough room to develop yourself and become a real Cloud expert.
  • Do you protect our customers against potential danger? Do you want to further expand our existing products such as our AVG scan and our security scan to protect our customers from data leaks and hackers? Then there are plenty of opportunities with us to further develop yourself as a security specialist.
  • Do you want to create? Do you want to improve? Programming may be in your blood, so don’t let that opportunity go. You can invest in our own developed tools, add to and improve them and even think along with us about the tooling of the future. Of course, our customers would also like to talk to you about improvements and optimization of automation in their own environment.
  • Availability is key, don’t you think? Well, our customers think so too! Perhaps you are the upcoming expert who studies all possible High Availability solutions and who can propose the right architecture and configuration to our customers. Their 24/7 databases will thank you.

In short, there are plenty of reasons to get in touch with so that we can determine whether you would fit into our team, but more importantly we with you because that is oh so important!

this is you

Are you that system administrator or network administrator, application manager or programmer? And do you want to go in a new direction? Then start as DBA system administrator at
You would like to learn and broaden your knowledge by following various courses so that you obtain certificates

this is us

Since 2002 we are the experts in the implementation and management of databases. In the early years we did this under the name 5HART DBA.NL and we were part of 5HART IT, a specialist in IT training.
For years we have been an independent company and we are called Thanks to our many years of experience and our satisfied customers, we can rightly call ourselves the database expert. Microsoft Gold Partner.
We work in a close-knit team. Have an open culture in which expertise and collegiality are of paramount importance.

Excellent primary and secondary conditions! You will also work in a nice team where you will be given the space to develop. A nice mix between working from home and in our beautiful building in Nieuwegein with colleagues.

To relax, you can play sports (own gym), pinball and pool.

  • Salary range: 3000 to 3500
  • Leased car: Peugeot E-208
  • Bonus based on team performance
  • Laptop
  • Telephone
  • Ability to work (partly) from home
  • Unique travel time compensation scheme whereby part of the travel time counts as working time
  • Possibility to buy extra days off or to have overtime paid

Someone who:

  • Has 2 to 3 years of recent experience as a system administrator, application manager or programmer
  • Interested in new techniques
  • Driven
  • is Dutch-speaking and lives in the Netherlands
  • has a driver’s license
  • energetic
  • eager to learn
  • team player

Does this make you

Do you want to start tomorrow? In short, is this you? Then apply directly or contact Ben ijmker! Mail ! Or follow us on Linkedin .