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Microsoft SQL Server AVG Scan

On May 25, 2018, the new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into effect. Since then, the same privacy legislation applies throughout the EU. The GDPR gives people more options to get a grip on the processing of their personal data. If a company acts in violation of these rules, this can lead to heavy fines. Naturally, every company wants to avoid this. That is why it is important that a company has insight into whether its databases are sufficiently secured.


The AVG legislation ensures that databases and the data contained in them are becoming increasingly important. It is therefore important that databases are safe and that the data they contain is safe. Microsoft SQL Server offers many possibilities for mapping sensitive information. SQL Server also offers many options for protecting privacy-sensitive data. often sees that not all databases comply with the AVG regulations. For example, data in test databases is not encrypted or an Acceptance environment appears to be non-compliant.

“Many of the capabilities that SQL Server offers to apply inventory and anonymization are unknown and that’s a shame.”
– Leslie Cornet

AVG Scan has developed a scan that also looks at the above points. This is the AVG scan. If you have the AVG Scan performed, a senior consultant from will examine your MSSQL environment. The expert will look for security vulnerabilities in your environment. In addition to security matters, the expert also looks at which tables and columns contain sensitive information. This can be sensitive company information, but personal data is also sensitive information, for example. It is undesirable for both types of information to be accessible to third parties.


Based on our findings, you will receive a report with advice and recommendations that you can implement immediately. Naturally, the expert from can also carry out this for you. The recommendations contained in the report concern the use of encryption techniques firstly for data at rest and secondly for data “in-flight”. You will also receive advice on how to use the masking techniques of SQL Server in the right way.

The AVG Scan from offers a good picture of the MSSQL environment within one working day, so that you know how this or the environment complies with the AVG.


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