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Prepaid card

A very flexible product to use

The prepaid card is a very flexible product that gives you the opportunity to use our Oracle, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL expertise. This at the times you prefer. With our prepaid card you buy a number of consultancy hours from us in advance at a reduced rate. This attractive rate depends on the number of hours you purchase.

What is the prepaid card?

The prepaid card consists of a number of consultancy hours, which you can take according to your own needs and insight. You can use the prepaid card whenever you need support with the implementation or management of your databases. Think of installing and configuring your software, setting up, repairing or expanding your management environment and solving your problems.

If desired, provides on-the-job coaching for your employees. These activities can also be debited from our prepaid card. The prepaid card can be used for all services that offers. Such as:

  • Migrations to a higher database version, different database edition or new hardware.
  • Deploying a consultant as your sparring partner
  • Troubleshooting your Oracle, SQL Server or PostgreSQL databases.
  • Temporary replacement or backup for your own employees
  • Health checks and proactive database maintenance.
  • Security Scans

Experienced consultants

The quality of our services is guaranteed by the deployment of certified, experienced and broadly developed specialists . The team therefore consists of dozens of highly experienced consultants. They all follow an annual development plan and are therefore always aware of the latest developments. In addition to widely deployable consultants, also employs real specialists. Think, for example, of specialists in the field of performance tuning, license management or cloud.

Our Oracle team exists from multiple Oracle Certified Masters and Oracle Certified Professionals. This team includes our Linux (Oracle and RedHat) specialists, Weblogic engineers and GIS consultants. The Microsoft SQL Server team also consists of several senior consultants. They have several Microsoft Certified Professional Certifications. Including MSSQL Senior, SSRS Senior, SSIS Senior and Windows Server Senior.

Advantages of the prepaid card

The prepaid card has a number of advantages. The first advantage is that it results in far fewer administrative actions. Secondly, you can use the Service Desk directly. You are already known as a customer, which means that we can serve you faster. Third, keep control of costs. The prepaid card is regularly used for certain projects that have their own budget. These projects can therefore easily be processed in your administration. The hourly rate of our prepaid cards is always more favorable than our standard post-calculation hourly rate.

The DBA staff at really know their stuff and have the answer to every question.
Jack Buitenkant, IT manager


You will receive a monthly balance overview of the hours on your prepaid card. This gives you an overview of how many hours are still available and what the hours have been spent on. Do you have hours left over after a project? No problem! These can be used for other services at the end of the project. So if your card falls below ten hours, you will be notified automatically.

The prepaid card can be purchased from a minimum of 40 hour.


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