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Oracle VM

Oracle VM end of life. What now?

Oracle VM is end of life, the successor is KVM. Premier support on Oracle VM ended in March 2021. Permier support for Oracle VM is still provided by Oracle. Premier support for Oracle VM will run until March 31, 2024. More information can be found here .

Why virtualize with Oracle VM or KVM?

The virtualization of server environments with Oracle VM or KVM is done for a number of reasons, firstly cost savings (for example on energy consumption and hardware), secondly management costs because there are fewer physical servers, the management burden decreases, thirdly and this is an important virtual servers can be copied in their entirety and thus contribute to a good disaster recovery.

When both the Oracle database and Oracle VM are used in an environment, this guarantees a very stable environment. It is true that even this stable environment needs good management and maintenance. This applies to both the database environment and the Oraclevm environment. provides reliable Oracle VM support and has been a reliable partner for good management of every database environment for many years.

From Oracle VM to KVM

As noted earlier, Oracle VM is end of life. KVM, the successor to OracleVM, is the logical successor. A migration from one environment to another requires good preparation and the right knowledge. can help you with this. More information about Oracle KVM and our services can be found HERE. (create page yet) your knowledge partner for OracleVM

Do you want to continue using OracleVM and need advice or support for the migration to KVM? The specialists at are ready for you. We can migrate your Oracle VM server to KVM and advise on the best settings for your current Oracle VM server installation. Naturally, we can manage the current Oracle VM for as long as possible. Every environment is unique, just like the wishes of the customer. provides customization and puts the customer first.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your area.

What is Oracle VM and how does the product work?

Reduce costs by using modern hypervisor architecture? This is possible with Oracle VM. Oracle Virtual is a smart virtual server and popular with companies and organizations. This keeps the costs of the infrastructure in an organization or company limited. In addition to attractive cost savings, it also makes an Oracle database environment more stable and reliable. In addition, Oracle VM Virtual provides your company with many more benefits. We are happy to tell you more about it, because for Oracle VM support you have come to the right place at What exactly is the Oracle VM machine and what are the other advantages of an Oracle VM database?

Oracle Virtual Machine is a major player when it comes to server virtualization. This full server virtualization product is based on Citrix’s Xen software and falls under the open-source software category. You can refer to a virtual server as a server that has been divided into smaller pieces by means of virtualization software (VMware). This is done using so-called VM software. He only takes over part of the physical server, which means that costs are a lot lower. And this is of course beneficial, because that way more profit remains.

What benefits does it offer?

Does your company or organization use Oracle Virtual or are you considering using it in the short term? This immediately provides a number of advantages:

– It provides an attractive cost saving.
– Oracle’s virtual server is flexible and scalable.
– You make more efficient use of hardware.
– There is a faster rollout of servers.
– As an entrepreneur you need to manage fewer drivers.
– It is easier to recover something in case of catastrophes.

Don’t have an Oracle VirtualBox yet and need help with the installation? Or do you need support with management? Then you can call on the expertise and experience of

Why a hypervisor?

An Oracle VM is portable and easy to move from one hypervisor to another hypervisor. A hypervisor is computer software or hardware for creating and managing virtual servers. On a hypervisor you can run multiple database environments on the same computer. What does this yield? Operating costs are saved because less hardware is required. This makes Oracle DB VM attractive to a large group of entrepreneurs. Therefore, work together with to build a virtual PC using your Oracle VM VirtualBox. your knowledge partner when using OracleVM

Do you want to use OracleVM and do you need advice or support? The specialists at are ready for you. We take action with Oracle VM server installation and we also take care of the management. That way it remains safe, stable and reliable even without power. So call on the expertise of and contact one of our specialists directly.


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