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Edwin Scheer project leader

You have also come to the right place at for project supervision and its implementation. Our specialists have years of experience in the field of databases and the associated activities.

Examples of such projects are:

  • Migration to new hardware;
  • Application of Oracle VM, Oracle RAC, Oracle Dataguard, Microsoft clustering or DBVisit Standby;
  • Migration from SQL Server to Oracle or vice versa;
  • Migration to the latest versions of Oracle Microsoft SQL Server and Postgresql ;
  • Setting up the operating system and database monitoring;
  • Fallback and hosting processes.

Project management

Ernst & Young’s ICT barometer shows that only 54% of ICT projects are successfully completed. This is mainly due to poor leadership and supervision during a project. That is why more and more customers of are opting for managed projects. These customers choose to be taken care of by one of our certified project leaders. Executing a managed project has the following advantages, among others:

  • Single Point Of Contact: one point of contact that arranges everything for the customer, including external communication with third parties such as application suppliers;
  • Clear GoNO-Go appointments and moments;
  • Taking care of and guaranteeing the planning;
  • Accurately track status using milestones.

Approach and phasing

A project is divided into several phases for management. These phases can be divided into Technical phases and Management phases.

Technical phases

These are characterized by being based on certain specialist skills and products. Examples of technical phases are: Setting up the environment, often based on a technical design drawn up by a principal consultant

  • Upgrade databases
  • Migration databases
  • Configuration backup
  • Configuration monitoring

Management phases

are divisions of the project in time, coupled with a GoNo-Go decision regarding the progress of the project. A management phase can consist of several technical phases. Examples of management phases are:

  • Kick-Off
  • Acceptance phase
  • Production phase
  • Evaluation and closure


As soon as the project has started, the project leader will make the final planning. After the planning has been approved, we will plan the necessary resources. ensures the deployment of certified personnel and, where desired, involves your own employees in the work as ‘training-on-the-job’ at your location.

Guarantee planning

To avoid delays, it is important that the right resources are available when they are needed. To realize this, we will reserve all resources for the entire process immediately after approval of the planning. If a change takes place during the project, it is the responsibility of the project leader to coordinate this with the planning department.

Ensuring continuity during the migration

It is possible that the reserved resources are no longer available due to unforeseen circumstances (eg illness). The work will then be transferred to other specialists. It is therefore important that all documents, procedures and passwords are centrally stored during a project. It is the responsibility of the project leader to check whether the documents, procedures and passwords are actually stored centrally and UP-TO-DATE.

Quality Assurance and Control

At we set high standards for the products we supply. That is why we carry out many tests during a project to check and guarantee the quality. Together with the customer, we can perform the following tests, among others:

  • Stress and load test
  • Test integration backup
  • Testing fallback (RPO and RTO)
  • Testing fallback procedure
  • Compliance check
  • Restore test


Installation documents and work instructions will be created during the different technical phases. Screen-capturing software is often used for this. The documents are handed over to the customer upon delivery of the project.

Evaluation and closure

During this phase, the executed project will be evaluated with the parties involved. An evaluation document is then sent to all parties involved. After that, the project will be officially closed. Following a project, often temporarily offers a higher SLA form for management.


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