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Linux Oracle is the place to be for fast and reliable Oracle Linux management. Reliable database environments are essential for the proper functioning of organizations. A stable operating system is therefore indispensable. Oracle Linux is one of the best and most reliable operating systems on the market. is recognized by Oracle as an Oracle Linux Specialist. We therefore have a “Linux Specialization”. therefore has the knowledge and expertise in-house. Therefore choose Oracle Linux management by our specialists.

Why choose Oracle Linux?

Oracle Linux is optimized for use in Enterprise environments. This is the reason why users around the world choose Oracle Linux. Oracle has been developing its databases on Linux since 2006. That is why Oracle Linux is the standard in combination with Oracle Database. In addition, Oracle Linux is a very flexible OS. Oracle Linux is suitable for use in an on-premise environment, but it is also the right choice in a cloud environment.Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux is also one of the most secure environments out there. It is one of two distributions in which live non-disruptive patching can take place. This allows, among other things, the kernel, hypervisor and critical libraries to be patched without downtime. A reboot of the systems is therefore not necessary and this saves time, money and also satisfied users. In short, Oracle Linux is worth considering. has already published an article about Oracle Linux. This publication can be read here .

Why have your Linux environment managed?

A Linux-based environment is incredibly stable. However, a Linux environment also needs good maintenance. For example, consider patches and security updates. Installing these on time is essential and that is precisely why good management is necessary. manages your Oracle Linux environment, which ensures high uptime and high performance. The specialists at can set up your environment with Ksplice, a unique function when purchasing Premier Support. Using Ksplice makes it possible to install security updates without rebooting the system.

We apply standard hardening to the environment. The advantage of this is that the environment is better protected. In addition, has developed a standard setup for servers or VM. Our standard ensures, firstly, that management is carried out effectively and, secondly, that the chance of disruptions is small. Finally, proper firewall setup ensures the best protection of the OS.

The 24/7 monitoring and proactive management services on the Linux environment are extremely reliable!
Jack Buitenkant , IT manager

What is good Oracle Linux administration?

Good Linux management applies; prevention is better than cure. Periodic maintenance and continuous monitoring prevent incidents and malfunctions. Managing your Oracle Linux environment by the experts at guarantees a stable, well-functioning OS. Our reports therefore give you insight into the status and performance of your environment.
To learn more about us on proactive management, click here .

In addition to Oracle Linux, also manages Linux RedHat environments.

What does Linux administration cost?

Pro-active Linux management takes different forms, first-line or second-line. Remote or on-site? Support during office hours, for non-critical environments. Or are you looking for support all year round? 24 hours a day for a very critical environment? At it is possible!

Your wishes and the size of the environment are leading for us. Pro-active management is available from just €177 per month. Whatever form of management you choose, takes care of everything!


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