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Proactive Management – Database Management by the Experts

For any Oracle, MS SQL or Postgresql database the database administrator

The proactive management of guarantees a stable, fast and secure database environment. Many organizations have insufficient knowledge to manage a database environment. As a result, regular maintenance and management is often not performed. does have this knowledge in house!DBAnl Oracle, MSSQL PostgresmanagementYears of experience have resulted in developing a detailed method for database management. Through thorough database management, which includes periodic maintenance and the use of monitoring, ensures a reliable, safe and fast database environment. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Postgresql environments therefore hold no secrets for the database administrators of

Pro active management

Prevention is better than cure. Good and proactive database management leads to fewer disruptions in the database. Database management gives you a higher uptime, secondly, a stable database server and thirdly, fewer security incidents.
A stable environment is therefore easy to realize by having it managed by the experts at Our database administrators periodically, usually monthly, perform maintenance on your environment. They follow up signals from monitoring, apply patches and perform contingency and restore tests. On request, also carries out service requests. Naturally, our administrators also monitor incidents. This keeps your databases functioning properly and stably.

The 24/7 monitoring and proactive management services are extremely reliable!
Jack Buitenkant , IT manager

Periodic maintenance

An important component of database management is performing periodic maintenance. During this maintenance, the consultant checks the database on a large number of points. Examples include checks on available disk space, error messages, daily backup checks and various performance indicators. Conducting trend analyzes on recurring reports and/or findings is also part of this. You will receive monthly reports on the state of your environment.

monitoring recommends Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) for monitoring Oracle environments. Based on our many years of experience, we have developed our own OEM configuration set. Our consultants have developed their own monitoring solution for Microsoft SQL Server. This monitoring has also proven itself for years with our customers. In short, both solutions are the result of years of experience in managing database environments. We do this at provinces, municipalities and various commercial companies.

Backup check, request restore and fallback tests carries out backup checks on a daily basis. So you can be sure that these have been made. In the unlikely event that this is not the case, action can be taken. You can submit requests via the Service Desk to create databases, refresh the test environment, etc. In addition to the daily backup checks, can, in consultation, perform an annual fall-back and restore test. This test is performed to check whether the environments can be quickly and completely restored and diverted.


When you choose as your database administrator partner, you choose a reliable and involved party. Agreements are made with the service manager about, for example, accessibility and specific work arrangements. These agreements are recorded in a service level agreement (SLA) and a Document Agreements and Procedures (DAP). Our service manager is also the point of contact for evaluations, escalations and complaint handling.

Our Service Desk is available during office hours. Our customer portal gives you insight into all current tickets. You can also submit requests and/or provide feedback on the work performed here. Our Gold SLA gives you access to the emergency center so that our consultants can assist you outside office hours. From an SLA Silver, one of our principal consultants will visit you on location every year. During this visit, strategic consultations will take place about your environment. You will of course receive periodic reports.

SLA choices offers various options for your database management. For the most mission-critical environments, platinum or gold is the way to go. With the platinum variant, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you opt for gold, you can count on us 24 hours a day during working days. For small and/or less business-critical environments, we recommend one of our lighter variants, such as silver. In short, offers the right form of support for every environment.

The image below shows the different options side by side (click on the image for a larger view).

By default, performs first line management. This means that we will immediately start working for you after a report. As a result, your environment will quickly be in order again. The other option is that performs the second-line management for you. You are therefore responsible for the initial follow-up of a report. Of course we are there for you, where and when this is necessary.

Our people work on-site or, if desired, remotely on your environment. At you have one point of contact, but there are always several specialists who are aware of your system. As a result, you are assured of a lasting good performance and availability of your database. So you will no longer be faced with surprises.

The advantages of proactive management at a glance:

  • Database management by the experts
  • A stable, fast and reliable environment
  • sharp prices
  • Satisfied users, thanks to stable and fast functioning databases
  • is ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified so your data is safe

Database management is already possible from €177.00 per month!

Would you like to know what can do for your organisation? Please feel free to contact one of our account managers.


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