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Oracle Security Scan

Safety deserves attention

DBAnl has developed a scan to scan Oracle databases for vulnerabilities. In times when attacks on the network are becoming more common, it is important to know that the database is safe. This is determined with the Security scan of As an ISO27001 certified party, knows better than anyone how important it is to keep safety risks as small as possible.

Why the Oracle Security Scan?

Ensuring the continuity of your organization is of the utmost importance for your business operations. It is therefore extremely important to avoid safety risks. You always run a certain risk and this is unfortunately unavoidable. What you can do is identify the risks and ensure that the security of your environment is in order. The Oracle Security Scan contributes significantly to this at the database level because it provides in-depth insights.

“Security starts with a scan”

– Arnaud van der Vlies, Principal Consultant

What is the Oracle Security Scan?

More and more processes are done digitally. Databases are essential for applications and often contain sensitive data. Good security is therefore of great importance. Especially now that hackers are increasingly looking for weak spots in IT infrastructures to take advantage of them. has developed a scan for your Oracle environment that provides insight into the extent to which your database is secured.

Examples of things we scan for are, firstly, weak and/or insecure passwords, and secondly, whether passwords are stored in the database. User privileges and user profiles are also scanned and assessed. The PL/SQL code is also tested for various vulnerabilities. It goes without saying that versions and patches are part of the control. In addition, the scan looks at the audit trails and their configuration. Scanning for the presence of backdoors, root kits and exploits is also part of the scan. can perform the Oracle Security Scan on the Oracle database versions 10g, 11g and 12c.

Result of the scan

Our consultant is on site for a day to perform the scan, depending on your environment. We install our tooling on a Windows management server. Using this tooling, the consultant performs the Security Scan. Defects that emerge from the scan will be presented to you in a clear report during the debriefing.

This report therefore describes all the checks performed. The results of the checks performed and the extent of the impact they have, provide the necessary insight into the status of the database environment. Based on the findings from the scan and the debriefing, the consultant draws up an action plan with an associated lead time. The solutions to fix the vulnerabilities found can be performed by your own DBA. If desired, the consultants of are also ready to help you. Finally, after carrying out the work, it is recommended to have the security scan performed again.


Naturally, the outcome of the Oracle Security Scan is confidential and is therefore only intended for your organization.



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