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Oracle monitoring

Oracle database monitoring

More and more applications demand a very high availability of the Oracle environment. This is partly because many applications work in the cloud and must be available 24×7. In order to guarantee this high availability, the Oracle environment must of course also be available to the maximum. By applying Oracle monitoring, potential problems can be identified and resolved in a timely manner.

Which database monitoring solutions are available for Oracle?

Various Oracle monitoring solutions are available on the market to monitor the Oracle environment. These db monitor products can be divided into two categories, namely Oracle monitoring products and third-party database monitoring products.

Oracle monitoring products are:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control (managing one Oracle database)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (centrally manage the entire Oracle environment)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g (centrally manage the entire Oracle environment, OEM 10g has been phased out and replaced by Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g (centrally manage the entire Oracle environment, OEM 11g has been phased out and replaced by Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c)

Most commonly used third-party database monitoring products are:

  • fog light
  • quest
  • nagios
  • solar winds

Of the above products, Oracle Cloud Control is by far the most widely used product. Companies choose Cloud Control for the following reasons:

  • Companies with Oracle licenses can use Oracle Cloud Control for free. You can also use Oracle db monitoring support for downloading patches and submitting Service Requests for free
  • By means of Notifications by the database monitoring , administrators are informed in a timely manner of potential incidents and problems
  • The Online tuning possibilities of the Oracle database monitoring
  • Oracle Cloud Control offers the possibility to include other systems in the database server monitoring in addition to the Oracle environment, such as SQL Server, Weblogic, MySQL, etc.
  • Cloud Control can be installed on almost all operating systems as a database monitoring tool.
  • There is more Oracle Cloud Control knowledge available on the market than knowledge about other third-party database server monitoring products. Finally, there are also more training and certification options for Oracle Cloud Control to get more out of this Oracle monitoring tool.

Follow-up of database monitoring notifications

One of the most important features of a database server monitoring tool, such as Cloud Control, is sending notifications. Notifications from the database monitoring indicate that a potential problem may occur, for example a tablespace or a disk is almost full. Because the database server monitoring sends a notification, an incident can be prevented or resolved in time so that the continuity of the Oracle environment is not endangered. Even if a calamity occurs as a result of, for example, a power failure, a notification is sent by the database monitoring.

For companies that have an SLA with , the database server monitoring is set up in such a way that the notifications are also sent to Depending on the SLA, notifications can also be sent in the evening and/or during the weekend, in addition to office hours. Notifications of the Oracle monitoring, during office hours, are handled by the Service Desk of Notifications of the database monitoring that come in outside office hours are handled by the senior database consultant on duty, if this is part of the agreed service. Before concluding the SLA, it is often useful to have an Oracle health check performed.

Support with database server monitoring offers on-the-job training for companies that would like to use Cloud Control as database monitoring, but do not have the knowledge in-house. In two days, an expert from together with the administrator(s) will perform the installation and configuration of the Oracle database server monitoring. In addition, the most important features are discussed so that your administrators can get the most out of Cloud Control’s database monitoring.

Eindhoven municipality

One of the customers who has chosen to use the training on-the-job service is the Municipality of Eindhoven. Oracle Cloud Control 12c was installed and configured for two days. The most important features were then discussed and documented with the two administrators.

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