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MS SQL Performance Analysis

MS SQL tuningMicrosoft SQL Server is here to serve you. SQL Server contains all your data, and from SQL Server your organization is provided with the necessary information. But what if you stop getting information delivered in a timely manner? This will slow employees down in their work and may even cause important processes to run out of their intended time window. So it is clear that good performance, of the applications based on MSSQL databases, is crucial for your organization to function properly.

To maintain good performance, periodic performance tuning is necessary. If performance tuning is not done, you run the risk of falling into one of the scenarios below.

Scenario 1
Increasingly unresponsive applications/SQL Server. This can have several causes for example growing tables to which the indexes no longer fit, architecture not designed for the growth of data and/or not scalable queries from the application.

Scenario 2
slowing applications/SQL Server.
The moment applications or SQL Server slow down tremendously, you now run the following risks:

  • the danger of things running outside the intended time window
  • That the data needed by the user is not received within an acceptable time.

The causes are often found in lengthy queries that block other processes and various inefficiencies at the SQL Server, database and table level.

Scenario 3
Unacceptable overall slowness and even blockages of your application/SQL Server. In this scenario, acceptable service is no longer possible from the application. Not towards the employees, nor towards the customer. Deadlocking, long-term locks and an accumulation of problems are usually the cause of this.

Did you know.

“…it can happen that a single query on a 40GB database generates more than 1TB of data processing with a bad query plan? When this occurs all processes on this server suffer!”
– Leslie Cornet (

Our solution

Do you want to get ahead of the above scenarios? By definition, you don’t want unexpected performance problems? And do you want a good and stable foundation for your MS SQL environment? Through’s Performance Analysis, our consultants look at your environment at all levels and identify all pain points.
In doing so, we look at the following three levels and you will receive the reports listed below:

  1. Instance
    Instance Performance Reporting
  2. Database
    Database Performance Reporting
  3. Table, index, query
    TIQ Performance Reporting

Addressing issues at the above levels will create a stable foundation for your environment. The first step for optimal performance is a good foundation. If this foundation is good, it then makes sense to further tune the indexes and queries so that performance improves dramatically.

Often this first step is skipped and a DBA will go straight to tuning. Without a solid foundation, this is akin to mopping the faucet, but at your expense!

Together with, our external ICT management party and application suppliers, we were able to make great strides that benefit our employees on a daily basis. After the first successful steps in optimizing our databases and performance tuning activities, we have further formalized the cooperation. is now our regular party that proactively monitors, analyzes and tunes our databases.”
– René Noordam | H.Z. Logistics B.V.

With our Performance Analysis, addresses these performance issues professionally and decisively. We do this by:

  • Creating a stable base (instance/database level)
  • Setting up specific SQL Server techniques, for your situation.
  • Tuning queries and indexes. Starting from a stable foundation
  • Advising on other adjustments within the application to achieve good of performance

Customers who have taken a Performance Analysis are very satisfied. Relief, clarity and immediate improvement steps is what they notice in their operations. Do you also want to become a success story? Then take a Performance Analysis from us!

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