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Cloud is on an unstoppable advance, integrating itself into more and more aspects of our daily lives., the Oracle cloud DBA

Cloud is on an unstoppable advance, integrating itself into more and more aspects of our daily lives. It is rapidly changing the way we work, how companies shape their IT department, and how we communicate with each other and share information. therefore offers a broad portfolio of Oracle Cloud services. As a result, you no longer have to invest in hardware yourself; to maintain it; pay the associated support contracts; and you as an organization are a lot more flexible and usually also cheaper.

We are happy to think along with you about how a migration of your current ICT infrastructure, in whole or in part, can be realized, and what possible benefits this offers for your organization.

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Oracle Cloud services can be divided into three categories:

Infrastructure as a Service
In short, this form of services, also called OCI or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, means that you create a number of Oracle Virtual Machines in the Cloud, over which you have full control, via root (on Linux), or Administrator. (on Windows) permissions.

Platform as a Service
Via Oracle Cloud Platform services you can quickly build web applications yourself, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure and the complexity that this entails.

Software as a Service
Oracle Cloud Applications offers ready-made applications, the entire management and maintenance of which is performed by Oracle itself, and with which you as an end user can get started almost immediately. The overview below shows the differences between these three services at a glance:

SLA choices

Increased availability

It is a fact that in the vast majority of cases human errors are the cause of unplanned downtime of systems or even entire data centers. There are three ways in which cloud service providers such as Oracle provide you with increased availability.

Oracle’s data center regions are spread across the globe. In this way you can choose to place your fall-back environment in a different geographical location, for example Amsterdam as the primary location, and Frankfurt as the location for your fall-back environment.

SLA choices

Availability Domains
Each regional data center consists of three physically separated and independent data centers. This way you are protected against the failure of an entire data center, or even the failure of two entire data centers.

Fault Domains
Within each data center of an Availability Domain, there are also three so-called Fault Domains available, which means that you are protected against the failure of a physical server within that data center.

SLA choices

Enhanced security against ransomware

You will have noticed that ransomware is big business these days. More and more often news reports appear about large companies, which are confronted with diabolical dilemmas when their ICT infrastructure is partially or even completely (including backups) held hostage by this increasingly ingenious software.
Unfortunately, in almost all cases, paying millions of dollars in ransom is the only solution to save the company from bankruptcy in such a case. The bitter reality therefore seems to be not so much the question of whether your on-premise environment will be hacked, but more when this will happen, and how well you are prepared for it at that moment.
Migrating all or part of your infrastructure to the Oracle Cloud offers you a number of additional significant guarantees to successfully mitigate a ransomware attack. The Oracle cloud dba of advises.


Oracle’s data centers offer unparalleled performance based on the latest NVMe storage technologies, combined with stable, low-latency high-speed networks, without over-provisioning resources. This guarantees you, as a customer, fast, constant and predictable performance for your applications and underlying databases.

SLA choices

Costs and billing methods

There are two methods to settle your Cloud costs with Oracle. In addition, it is still possible to take your current licenses with you (BYOL).

Pay As You Go (PAYG)
Payment afterwards based on consumption. Recommended for organizations deploying new services, quickly prototyping, or scaling flexibly.

Monthly Flex
Payment in advance with a minimum of 12 months. Monthly use or lump sum of the credits for that month.
Recommended for customers with predictable workloads or large, long-running applications such as HR, payroll, analytics, and more.
Monthly Flex provides maximum cost reduction with predictable monthly charges, comparable to your monthly phone plan. Reduce time to market as customers can choose between all IaaS and PaaS services.


Do you need cloud credits? Please contact us for advice.

Learn more about migrations to the Oracle Cloud here. Backup in the Cloud is also a frequently used option, this publication provides more information about it.


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