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Since 2002, has specialized in the implementation and management of databases. It is not only this specialization that distinguishes us in a positive way from large IT companies. We reduce the time required for reliable database management to less than one FTE in most cases. In addition, over the years we have gained a lot of experience in a wide variety of organizations and industries, with different solutions and applications.

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License Saving

‘Organization saves € 300,000 on Oracle licenses thanks to the DBA license scan’ performed an Oracle license scan for a large Dutch transport company with thousands of employees. The company needed clarity about the status of its Oracle usage compared to the current licenses. The license contracts with Oracle were about four to five years old, while technological developments in the company had not stood still during this period.

In the first phase of the license scan, the experts from provided an overview of the Oracle software actually in use; due to technological developments there appeared to have been a large shortage in the Oracle licenses. This shortfall was partly caused by the fact that the Oracle licensing rules in the contract that were concluded were no longer clearly visible. The result: the shortage was not proportional to the added value of the software.

In the second phase, the experts from informed the company about the Oracle licensing rules and how best to attune its infrastructure to them. Thanks to the introduction of new hardware and the consolidation of database systems, the company in question was able to reduce the required gross license investment by 35 percent within three months, resulting in a saving of no less than € 300,000.

In the third and final phase, the experts from assisted the company in the purchasing process of the Oracle licenses. Thanks to this mediation, the ultimate investment reduced to the real added value of the Oracle software for the customer.

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