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Gerben Lenderink
senior Oracle DBA

In February 2007 I joined Before that I worked as a functional application manager at Akzo Nobel. That was a big switch; from more than 60,000 employees worldwide to 6 employees in Nieuwegein in 2007. In the meantime, is growing and I now have 25 colleagues that I can rely on. At the time, I made the switch from a large organization to a smaller one very consciously. At a relatively small organization such as, communication lines are short and contact with colleagues and customers is very personal. The appreciation you get from colleagues and employer is also greater here. At a multinational you are a small cog in the bigger picture.

Real appreciation that’s what I like about working at

My career at started with a solid internal training. I had to deal with Oracle a few times in my previous job and I wanted to delve into that. I was given that opportunity and after my training I developed into Senior Oracle DBA in a few years. I now work with clients as well as in the office. At the moment I’m just manning the Service Desk and that is also very varied work. With clients I mainly deal with the more complex matters such as high availability and implementation, management and troubleshooting.


At you can agree very flexible working hours. Working at the office, from home or at the customer’s; it’s all possible. Even if you do not want to work one or more half-days, that is no problem at all. For example, I myself have Wednesday afternoon off to take care of my child. And if I have to go somewhere with my child on another day, that is always easy to arrange. This high degree of flexibility, in addition to the pleasant mutual atmosphere and the training opportunities, makes it extra fun to work here.