Informizely customer feedback surveys

Marco Bakker

I saw a vacancy for a Microsoft SQL database administrator and went to read it. The work really appealed to me and I wanted to delve into databases, especially Microsoft SQL. During my job interview it became clear that there was also a need for an extra system administrator. After this conversation, and I turned out to be a good match!

I have been working at for over 4 years now. And so I fulfill a double role here; system administrator and SQL database administrator. My work is therefore very diverse.

No day is the same.

My activities range from setting up a laptop for a new colleague to taking care of the proper handling of the e-mails that arrive and that must be processed via a certain route for system management. And in my role as Microsoft SQL database administrator it is, for example, making an ad hoc backup of a database for a customer who is going to perform an upgrade for the relevant application, performance tuning, arranging the correct rights within SQL to doing periodic maintenance. The latter generally takes several hours, as this involves retrieving information, which must then be analysed, processed into a report and finally sent to the customer. It may also be the case that I am scheduled for installation work of SQL or taking on the management of a new customer.

Then I am busy all day, making sure that the configuration is in accordance with the agreements with the customer or that these still need to be coordinated, doing the installation (possibly the migration of databases) to describing the settings/agreements.

All in all, on a day it is quickly switching between the different activities, especially if in between, which I don’t mind at all, questions come from colleagues for support in the field of ICT or if a colleague calls with a question about SQL.

What is very important in all these matters is that it is well described/documented. That pays off when colleagues use it and I notice that I have written it down well and clearly.

Actually, this is a typical working day for me, starting around 8 am and ending around 4.30 pm. Then you have to make sure you have your hours in order and then the laptop is closed and the next day is basically the same sheet and suit. Of course with other activities that have been placed in my (digital) container by our service desk.