Informizely customer feedback surveys

Peter Talsma
senior Oracle DBA

Today I am scheduled for a customer visit and periodic maintenance for both Oracle and SQL Server on-site at the customer.


After a 45-minute drive I report to the reception, even though this is a regular visit, I notice that there is something different than usual. Once in the IT department, I am received with above-average enthusiasm. And it soon becomes clear that there has been a disruption just this morning, the entire Oracle environment has crashed!

Happy customers make my day

After coordination with the customer, we started troubleshooting together. We succeed in restarting the server in question in “safe mode”, regular starting is no longer possible. We decide to disable the necessary services and finally we manage to bring the server to life. After the necessary checks, we restart all Oracle databases one by one. This succeeds and everything seems to be in order again.


We use the last part of the morning to find out the possible cause. After examining the necessary log files, we conclude that there has been a problem with the storage drivers. There is little we can do about this and the customer will further discuss this with the supplier of their storage.

In the afternoon I use my time to perform periodic maintenance on the Oracle/SQL Server environment. During this maintenance, the environment is checked for complete functioning and any problems are solved. Apart from the problems I solved in the morning, I don’t find any peculiarities or irregularities. This makes me and the customer happy.


While I’m doing maintenance, another problem occurs with one of the applications. After some research, the Oracle client used appears to be malfunctioning, there is a problem with the tnsnames.ora. We solve this by correcting the references on the application server. And everything works properly again.


In the meantime, the day has already progressed considerably, I finish my work and return home satisfied.