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Microsoft SQL Server database management | Fast & Reliable with our Database Administrators

SQL Server. A database environment to take into account.

Microsoft SQL Server has been on the rise in recent years, databases and linked applications are becoming increasingly important for organizations. Our experience shows that the management of the SQL Server environment is often done ‘on the side’ by the IT department or system management. For the Oracle environment, they have specialists in-house or are filled in by external parties. Why not for your SQL Server environment?

Pro Active SQL Server management is a specialism that can perform as one of the few database specialists with a dedicated Dutch service desk up to and including 24 x7.

Extensive SQL Server experience

Due to our favorable and extensive SLA program, there is always a management option that is suitable for your organization. It is up to you whether you want to work with your own monitoring tools or whether you want to use our detailed monitoring scripts that we have used for several customers. Our SQL server DBAs have extensive experience with the different SQL server versions, from 2000 up to and including SQL server 2016. We also set up and maintain the High Availability for you, so you can be sure that you have a SQL Server environment that performs and is set up at the highest level.

We would be happy to make a plan together with you to optimize the management of your SQL server environment.


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