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MS SQL Performance Tuning

Performance tuning SQL Server

With performance tuning, works very effectively to provide immediate relief for your environment. Queries and processes become faster and require fewer resources. Screens in applications load faster and users no longer have to wait for each other. After a day of performance tuning by, your database / application will function a lot better!


If the application has to wait a long time before the data is displayed, this is at the expense of user-friendliness and productivity. When processes of services take a long time, this also slows down productivity, either in a different form. However, the impact is not limited to just one user or one process. When one query or process has to search through a large amount of data, a large part of the internal memory is claimed at the expense of other processes. This is not limited to the database in question. This also comes at the expense of the performance of all databases and sometimes even all instances installed on that server.

We also regularly experience that there seems to be no reason for the sudden emergence of problems and that the cause is thought to be found in adjustments to the system. Often the database has grown to the point that processes are not handled quickly enough and a chain reaction of blockages arises.

Result-oriented service

When is used to improve performance, we set to work on optimizing the performance of the problem queries in the shortest possible time. We do this by ensuring that SQL Server can retrieve the data in the fastest possible way and ensures as few blockages as possible. In addition, we ensure that SQL Server is set up to achieve the highest possible throughput.

Did you know that?
“…it can happen that a single query on a 40GB database generates more than 1TB of data processing with a bad query plan? When this happens, all processes on this server are affected!”
– Leslie Cornet

When we start working for you, we find it important to apply our knowledge and expertise to your specific environment. Do you want us to improve performance generically? Fine! We’ll make sure this server becomes quieter. Do you want to have certain screens in your application faster? Also fine, we identify the query and make it run faster. Is the code for SQL Server badly written? We make a proposal on how the code does work.

Performance tuning of your Microsoft SQL Server environment is possible from 89 euros per hour.


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