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Working in customer teams at

Since last June, we have switched to a working method based on customer teams within This step was taken to improve service and engagement with you as a customer, in this publication we explain what this means for you.

In recent years, has steadily experienced the necessary growth, both in terms of customers and employees we have become a bit larger. As a result of this growth, we began to notice in practice that personal contact with our customers was becoming increasingly challenging. With more and more different employees and more and more different customers, it became more the rule than the exception that you, as a customer, always had to deal with a different employee and, vice versa, that employees increasingly had to immerse themselves in a different environment before they could provide adequate service.

Customer Teams

To meet this increased challenge, we decided to start working with customer teams, a process that has now become effective after the necessary internal preparation. In concrete terms, this means that for the Oracle and SQL Server specialisms we have formed a number of customer teams, each serving a fixed group of customers. In the case of Oracle, we formed four customer teams, each with a fixed number of employees. In the case of SQL Server, for now, this is one customer team with a fixed number of employees.

Customer focus

In practice, this means that you will almost always be dealing with the same employees who are well informed about your specific environment and know what is going on. With this we want to offer you a more personal approach and also try to ensure a quality service. This applies to both remote and on-site services. The first point of contact remains the Servicedesk of but they can now easily connect you to one of your regular DBA-ers.

The process of working in customer teams requires the necessary adjustments, especially internally at, and we have tried to set this up as well as possible. Nonetheless, we may have to make some adjustments over time, for example, if it turns out that certain customer teams are disproportionately burdened. In that case, we might have to reallocate customers and you as a customer might be placed in a different customer team but we obviously try to limit this as much as possible. Should this be the case, you as a customer will be informed about this individually.

As, we are confident that with this change we are taking a good step in further improving our services and cooperation with you, the customer.,
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