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In May 2022, started using Topdesk. With the switch to this new service management system, wants to meet the challenges of the future. has looked at various packages. Ultimately, the Topdesk package was chosen. Compared to our old package, Topdesk offers a range of new options to adapt the service to the needs of the customer.

Parts that our customers will notice the most are:

  • an improved insight into the pending tickets
  • the possibility of a personalized customer portal
  • structured forms to streamline applications
  • an improved search function

In the background, we want to enable these improvements through further integration of our internal systems. For example, the CMDB will be linked to enable trend analysis. And the process of the Agent will be streamlined. Topdesk also offers technical options for making communication agreements at customer level. has been working with customer teams for some time now. For these customer teams, Topdesk is a major improvement over the old system. Internal communication is smoother and faster. The integration with other used tooling makes it possible to streamline communication about tickets. This means, for example, that tickets are automatically registered by name and therefore picked up faster. This leads to greater efficiency.

For further developments, it will be checked with our customers where they have the greatest need, so that this can be responded to in further developments.,
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