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Monitoring and management of your SQL environment is a must

Monitoring and management of your SQL environment is a must

Applications are the beating heart of the organization. Suppliers spend a lot of time creating an application that meets the need to make an organization function. An application within your organization almost always has a database in which the data is stored. It is precisely this database that must ensure rapid processing of the data, but it often functions far from optimal in several respects. There are also factors that jeopardize the functioning of your database and thus the continuity of your systems.

Standard configuration

The danger of the standard configuration of SQL Server is that after a (standard) installation, the database seems to function just fine. Only when the databases increase in size or workload and the application no longer functions properly, one wonders what the cause of the problem is and the ICT officer reports to us.


Monitoring is essential to guarantee the continuity of your systems. From system management there is often something of monitoring present to follow the CPU and disk. But do you also monitor the configuration for best practices and changes to them or do you adjust the SQL Server settings as the workload shifts? These are important aspects that have a major impact on your organization, but there are also other quality characteristics of the environment. Do you know who has which rights and what the impact of this is? Databases are regularly added on an existing server because new applications are hosted and rights are allocated so that the user account of the new application can view and modify all data from other databases. Do you know when your database often blocks, causing processes to wait and end users/processes to wait?

Control and monitoring

During a periodic check of the environment, checks the configuration for best practices for your SQL instances and databases specifically, discusses these and makes changes approved by you. Our monitoring ensures that a database administrator intervenes in time to prevent a disruption. If, for example, a single transaction during the night causes the disk to fill up, is ready to bring the environment back online as quickly as possible, identify the cause and offer a solution.

The best performance

Good query plans and the right indexes make a world of difference when it comes to performance. A query plan also makes your environment more resilient to growth. Indexes are often included with the implementation of an application, but they are not maintained, they are not optimal due to a lack of knowledge or there is customization that ensures that (certain) indexes no longer offer a solution. These indexes then only take up resources and no longer have any added value. has the Performance Tuning module within its service especially for this purpose, which ensures that you get the best possible performance. We document the processes that we optimize and ensure a measurably better performance.

Do you want to know objectively what the cause of a performance problem is? We document in such a way that you can use it in conversations with, for example, your hardware or software supplier. Would you like to know more about the services that can provide? Please contact us or take a look at our services .,
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administrator is the all-round database expert specialized in setting up, maintaining and monitoring database environments. In addition, we provide advice and remove performance problems.