Informizely customer feedback surveys now also in possession of ISO9001! now also in possession of ISO9001!

On Friday, November 6, 2020, received good news. After several months of hard work, the time had come, the ISO9001 certification was awarded. In addition to ISO 9001, is also ISO 27001 certified. These certifications indicate that has properly organized and controlled its quality management and information security matters.

As a business service provider in IT, we work for various customers. It is important to us and our customers that meets high quality standards. We strive for satisfied customers and continuously improve our processes. By having our quality management system tested against the ISO 9001 standard, we show that our team always wants to improve. This shows that we want to meet the ever-changing wishes and requirements of the customer. In short, we stand for quality.

The benefits of this certification for our customers are clear. is continuously improving. At, the wishes and requirements of the customer are central. can be trusted, we have our affairs in order and take quality very seriously. Our processes and services are of the highest level. Through a continuous cycle of planning, execution and evaluation, we know that we are always doing the right things for our customers.

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